Yemen — TFPM Report 17 (August 2018)

DTM Yemen,
Snapshot Date
Aug 30 2018
  • Baseline Assessment


As of June 2018, the Yemen TFPM estimates 2.3 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), the majority of whom were displaced due to conflict ongoing since March 2015 and dispersed across 22 governorates. Taizz, Hajjah, Amanat al Asimah, Ibb and Amran have the highest recorded displacements– each with over 25,000 displaced HH. Al Hudaydah, Sana’a, Sa’ada, Dhamar are the next grouping of  locations with over 20,000 HH displaced in each Governorate. Previous research shows that the majority of IDP households live within host communities, and prefer it that way. It is likely that locations with high IDP numbers will continue to show high levels of vulnerability amongst both IDP and host communities. Trends from the available data-sets indicate that Aden, Amanat al Asimah and Taizz have the highest numbers of returns- making them areas of both displacement and return. Since the preparation of this report, DTM estimates that over 400,000 had been displaced due to the Al Hudaydah emergency by September 9, 2018.