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During the period of 25 November – 1 December 2019, a total of 3,786 movements were recorded, which composed of 2,452 arrivals and 1,334 departures.

During the period of 18 – 24 November 2019, a total of 1,806 movements were recorded, which composed of 1,175 arrivals and 631 departures.

Three separate fire outbreaks at Fulatari Camp and Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Camp Monguno have left 79 IDPs homeless, and properties belongin

Ce neuvième rapport de la DTM dans la province du Lac donne un aperçu de la situation de déplacement dans cette province du Tchad, où les déplacements de populations sont dus à l’insécurité liée aux violences perpétrées par des groupes ex

Le 20 novembre 2019, environ 20 ménages de 55 individus ont quitté le village de Kaiga-Kindjiria, situé dans la sous-préfecture du même nom, pour se réfugier dans le village de Toukoul dans la sous-préfecture de Daboua par crainte des a

On 20 November 2019, about 20 households of 55 individuals left the village of Kaiga-Kindjiria located in the sous-préfecture of the same name, and fled to the village of Toukoul in the sous-préfecture of Daboua for fear of attacks perpetrated by extremist groups.

On 23 November 2019, a clash between herdsmen and farmers led to the displacement of a number of residents of Kala’a, Shuwa-Kala’a, Zigayerima, Mambula, Kokuwa, Milna and Dilwachira com

The geopolitical zones of North Central and North West in Nigeria have been affected by a multidimensional crisis, rooted in deep and historic rifts and rekindled in 2013 by worsening socioeconomic and environmental conditions in the two regions.

North Central And North West Zones List Of Displacement Sites Assessed Round 2

North Central And North West Zones List Of Wards Assessed Round 2

Dès le début de la crise centrafricaine en 2013, des ressortissants tchadiens ont quitté la République centrafricaine pour retourner au Tchad, notamment vers les provinces du Sud (Moyen-Chari, Mandoul, Logone Oriental et Logone Occidental

Ever since the start of the Central African crisis in 2013, Chadian nationals have been fleeing the Central African Republic to return to Chad, and in particular to the country's southern provinces (Moyen-Chari, Mandoul, Logone Oriental a

During the period of 11 – 17 November 2019, a total of 2,506 movements were recorded, which were composed of 1,753 arrivals and 753 departures.

The IOM report on displacements in the Lake Chad Basin (LCB) (March 2019) highlights the growing importance of return movements of former Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in 2018.

Shiyar Rafi, Birnin Magaji and Lilo Village in Gummi and Gusau Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Zamfara State have recorded the arrival of

Suite à la fermeture de certaines mines aurifères dans la ville de Miski, 334 orpailleurs (tous des hommes) ont été transportés jusqu’à Faya par des véhicules mis à disposition par les autorités.

Following the closure of gold mines in the town of Miski, 334 gold miners (all of them men) were transported to Faya on board vehicles made available by authorities.

Le présent rapport présente les résultats clés des évaluations rapides mises en œuvre du 4 au 10 novembre 2019 par l’Organisation internationale pour les migrations (OIM) à travers la Matrice de suivi des déplacements (DTM- Displacement Tracking Matrix) à la suite d’inondations ayant touché la vi

This report comprises of a set of maps presenting the different migratory flows and trends in Chad. It presents the different population movements recorded from, to and within the Chadian territory and provides information about the profile of mobile populations.

Chaque année, les éleveurs transhumants en Mauritanie accompagnent leurs troupeaux à la recherc

The DTM Monthly Regional Update contains consolidated summary updates and highlights from DTM field operations.

A fire incident at the Government Senior Science Secondary School (GSSSS) Camp, Monguno, on 5th November 2019, at around 11 AM, has left 34

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