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Displaced population tracked by DTM in Djibouti
Latest IDP estimates from IDMC
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In Djibouti, IDMC GRID Dec 2020
East Africa and the Horn of Africa


  • Administrative division with available number of displaced persons
  • Site assessed by DTM

During the month of February 2021, 12,182 movements were observed at flow monitoring points in Djibouti representing a daily average of 435 movements. This is a 62% increase from the 269 average daily movements observed in January 2021.

Suite à la fermeture des frontières en Ethiopie et aux renforcements des contrôles frontaliers au Yémen, certains des migrants qui transitaient par Djibouti afin d'aller vers la péninsule arabique se sont retrouvés bloqués à Djibouti.

Following the border closure in Ethiopia and due to the stricter border management policies in Yemen, some of the migrants who were transiting through Djibouti on their way to the Arabian Peninsula found themselves stranded in the country.

La DTM a identifié 110 245 personnes réparties dans 18 110 ménages, affectées par l'inondation dans la ville de Djibouti.  


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