Emergency Event Tracking 2021 New Displacement Overview & Dashboard

DTM Sudan; dtmsudan@iom.int
Period Covered
Jan 01 2021
Dec 31 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking


This EET New Displacement Overview provides a summary of the application of the EET methodology during 2021. It provides a breakdown of the number of products DTM Sudan has released under the EET methodology, their geographical findings, cause of displacement breakdown, and overall estimates for displacement and return. Finally, the overview details EET series during 2021 which have been confirmed by DTM Sudan field teams as now being closed - with all associated IDPs having returned to their location of origin or settled in a third location.

DTM Sudan has also released an Interactive Dashboard, where those interested in DTM Sudan's EET findings during 2021 can disaggregate our findings by locality, sex and age demographic, shelter typology, vulnerability, type of EET, and month. This interactive dashboard can be accessed here or via the QR code located in the overview itself.

The DTM Emergency Event Tracking (EET) is deployed to track sudden displacement and population movements, provide more frequent updates on the scale of displacement, and quantify the affected population when needed. As a subcomponent of the new Mobility Tracking methodology in Sudan (Round Three), and activated on a need basis, EET utilises a broad network of key informants to capture best estimates of the affected population presence per location – a useful tool for humanitarian response planning and design.