Yemen - Rapid Displacement Tracking Report (01 Jan – 19 Oct 2019)

IOM DTM Yemen,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2019 -
Oct 19 2019
  • Baseline Assessment


The ongoing conflict in Yemen, since March 2015, has led to the displacement of more than 3.6 million people (according to DTM's 2018 Area Assessment). DTM's Rapid Displacement Tracking tool collects and reports on numbers of households forced to flee on a daily basis, allowing for regular reporting of new displacements in terms of numbers, geography and needs.


From the beginning of the year until 12th October DTM estimates that 62,505 Households or 375,030 Individuals have experienced displacement, at least once.

Between 13th and 19th October, the highest number of displacements were seen in

·         Al Dhale’e (1,075 HH) – In Qa'atabah (733 HH), Ad Dhale'e  (173 HH) and Al Husha (127 HH) districts. All displacements in the governorate were internal.

·         Ibb (292 HH) – In An Nadirah (91 HH), Al Dhihar (60 HH) and As Sabrah (42 HH) and districts. Mostly arriving from Al Dhale'e.

·         Taizz (181 HH) – In Al Mudhaffar (36 HH) and Saleh (31 HH) districts.  Most of displaced households were originated from Aden, Taizz and Al Hudaydah. 

Most displacement resulted due to increased conflict in the following Governorates and districts.

·         Al Dhale'e (1,344 HH) – Qa'atabah (1,278 HH) and Al Husha (45 HH) districts

·         Taizz (108 HH) – Mawiyah (33 HH) and Muqbanah (12 HH) districts.

·         Aden (55 HH) – Al Mansura (15 HH) and Dar Sad (12 HH)

·         Al Hudaydah (50 HH) –  Al Hali (10 HH), Al Hawak (8 HH) and Hays (6 HH)

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