Yemen — (Aden) Governorate Profile Round II (December 2015)

DTM Yemen,
Period Covered
Oct 15 2015
Dec 10 2015
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment


On the 10th December the TFPM had identified approximately 2.5 million people to have fled their homes in the whole of Yemen and observed a decrease in the overall displaced population in the south with a shift in focus to the northern governorates since 15th October, 2015. From 24th November, when Round II was launched, staff identified 2,132 families or 12,792 displaced individuals across 27 distinct locations. The displaced population consists of 3,454 female adults, 3,582 male adults while 2,942 and 2,814 individuals are female and male children, respectively. DTM observed that 77 % of the 2,132 displaced families in Aden governorate originate from Taizz (1,093 families) and Al Bayda (543 families) governorates while 23 % fled from other districts from within Aden; Khur Maksar (496 families) and Ash Shaikh Outhman (39 families) districts.