Uganda - Participatory Mapping of Population Mobility for Environment and Climate Change (August 2021)

DTM Uganda,
Period Covered
Dec 07 2020
Dec 11 2020
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In order to ensure access to accurate and verifiable information on environmental migration in Uganda, the IOM DTM team, in collaboration with MUCCRI, have conducted participatory mobility mapping (PMM) which consisted of a participatory mapping exercise (PME), which is a consultative exercise that involves surveys with local stakeholders and communities. The aim of the PME is to analyze population mobility dynamics and patterns in order to define priority sites where active surveillance, risk communication strategies and disaster risk reduction responses are most urgent. The PMM approach complements traditional environment and climate disaster risk assessments, enabling more accurate prioritization of vulnerable sites and adaptation interventions to build the resilience of affected populations. PMEs were conducted with purposively selected participants in Amudat, Bududa and Katawi districts to collect information on environment and climate change related human mobility profiles from key informants/participants through facilitated group discussions and to identify spaces of vulnerability (SOVs) in the districts (sub-countries, parishes and villages) or the areas most affected the environmental and/or climate hazards, disasters and stresses.