Sudan – Emergency Event Tracking Report Saraf Omra, North Darfur 001

DTM Sudan;
Snapshot Date
Mar 07 2021
  • Event Tracking
  • Mobility Tracking


DTM teams activated Emergency Event Tracking (EET) to monitor the displacement of individuals affected by violent clashes between Fur and Al-Tama tribes in Saraf Omra town, North Darfur, on 3 March 2021. Tensions escalated during the morning’s ceremony to mark the designation of the new Sultan of Al-Tama when demonstrations protesting his appointment turned violent. Armed forces were deployed to contain the situation, which remains tense and unpredictable. Government representatives (inclusive of a civil administration and security committee) have arrived in Saraf Omra to support reconciliation efforts between the two parties. The first update estimates a total number of 74 individuals (16 households) displaced across Saraf Omra town and seeking shelter with relatives in the host community nearby – the houses of all 16 displaced households were burnt down during the clashes. All displaced individuals are Sudanese nationals, and at least five individuals have additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support. Reports indicate 13 individuals have been killed and 34 sustained injuries, whilst one internally displaced person (IDP) has lost personal belongings and livestock. Based on a ranking scale, the three main priority needs in Saraf Omra are emergency shelter, non-food items, and food.  

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