South Sudan — Wau Naivasha Displacement Site Flow Monitoring (October - December 2020)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
Period Covered
Oct 01 2020 -
Dec 31 2020
  • Flow Monitoring


IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) continued operating Displacement Site Flow Monitoring (DSFM) at the gates of Naivasha IDP camp. During this period, 2,111 interviews representing 8,296 individual movements in to and out of the camp were conducted. There has been a 26 per cent decrease in surveyed day movements relative to July - September, most of which are for livelihood activities and family reasons. Temporary movements on the other hand are primarily for family reasons and attempting to return home, with six out of fifteen of such movements lasting more than six months. The number of surveyed new arrivals, over half of whom intend to stay for four to six months, decreased to 21 compared to 83 in the previous quarter. Most of these movements were due to insecurity because of conflict (76%) and joining family (10%). Lastly, surveyed permanent exits decreased from 110 to 71, almost all of whom traveled because of improved circumstances at destination.

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