South Sudan — Site profile: Bentiu PoC (1–15 March 2017)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
Period Covered
Mar 13 2017
Mar 15 2017
  • Registration
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Site Assessment


There are currently over 117,600 people (20,861 households) seeking protection at Bentiu Protection of Civilian (PoC) site. Current priority needs are registration of new arrivals, verification of IDPs in the PoC and an increase in water provision. 51% of site-inhabitants came because they had experienced a lack of food. For 46% came for security reasons (3% other). The main reason persons are leaving the site is to rejoin or visit family (97%). The remaining 3% cite overcrowding as reason to leave. 39% of site inhabitants lived in Rubkhoa prior to displacement.