South Sudan — Biometric Verification Update: Malakal PoC Malakal County (February 2017)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
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Mar 09 2017
Mar 16 2017
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IOM conducted a biometric verification exercise in Malakal Protection of Civilian (PoC) site from 15 to 28 February 2017. A total of 30,559 individuals / 10,300 households were verified. This figure is a slight reduction from the last biometric verification which was conducted in July 2016 with 33,191 individuals / 10,230 households verified. This reduction may be attributed to the period from November-December 2016 when access to the river Nile was opened and IDPs from Malakal POC crossed to Wau Shilluk to reunite with their families and other proceeded to the refugee camp in Sudan.