Philippines — Marawi Crisis Report 13: Special Issue — IDP Return (5 December 2017)

IOM Philippines,
Snapshot Date
Dec 05 2017
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment


The data in this report focuses on the alternative dwelling spaces and other provisions geared towards improving the living condition of IDPs, the IDPs who have returned and the issues relevant to the return program, and population demographics. The IDPs, whether from the evacuation centers or home-based, have continued to return to their homes since Marawi City’s liberation. As much as the government and other agencies wish to accommodate all returnees, the program is first designed to ensure the safety of the residents by clearing the city from any possible threat one barangay at a time. However, despite the increased mobility and accessibility to their respective residences, some IDPs found no home to return to, due to damaged houses or due to land ownership problems, a concern that is continually being addressed by the government and other implementing partners to better facilitate Marawi’s rehabilitation.