Northern Mozambique Crisis Flash Report 7- Displaced Families in Meluco Sede (11 - 27 July 2022)

DTM Mozambique,
Period Covered
Jul 11 2022
Aug 27 2022
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Following the recent attacks in Mitepo locality (Meluco district), the IOM’s DTM team continue to track IDP movement across Cabo Delgado. An estimated 2,009 individuals (585 households) were displaced to Meluco sede. Among the the displaced individuals, 14 were identified with vulnerabilities. 3 unacompained/separated children, 3 pregnant women, 2 elderly, 3 people with disabilities, and 3 people with chronic disease.

73 per cent of the estimated individuals movements were arrivals originated within Meluco district (Mitepo and Sitate localities), while 27 per cent were departures from Ancuabe district (Nacuale, Ngura and Minheuene localities). Of the total displaced population, 7 per cent of mobile groups were displaced for the First time, and 67 per cent of reported individuals have been displaced more than once prior to this movement.