Nigeria — North-east Dalori I Camp, Konduga LGA — Borno State Flash Report (9 August 2022)

DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Aug 04 2022
Aug 07 2022
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As part of the IDP relocation programme issued by the Borno State Government (BSG), Federal Training Centre Camp (Dalori I), located in the ward of Dalori in Konduga LGA, was closed between 04 August 2022 and 07 August 2022. Following this event, a rapid assessment was conducted by DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) field staff to identify the destinations of the 7,478 IDPs (1,496 households) residing in Dalori I Camp, and to inform the humanitarian community.

Following the closure of the camp, numerous IDPs integrated in host communities in the wards Bale Galitmari (205 individuals), Mairi (821 indiviuals) and Old Maiduguri (289 individuals) in Jere LGA, and the wards Bolori II (988 individuals), Gwange III (242 individuals) and Maisandari (720 individuals) in M.M.C. LGA. All these host community locations are considered to be part of the urban area of Maiduguri Town.