Nigeria — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 17 (July 2018)

DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Jul 01 2018 -
Jul 31 2018
  • Flow Monitoring


Results show that the daily average number of individuals observed at the FMPs in Nigeria increased by 10 per cent in the reporting period as compared to June. Reportedly, this increase as a result of the rainy season which led people to travel extensively for farming activities. In July, Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, were the main countries of destination and departure of population passing through the different FMPs.

In addition, the main types of flows identified were: Short term local movement or movement for less than six months duration (39% of all flows); Economic migration of more than six months (36% of all flows); and Seasonal (17% of all flows). Four main modes of transport were identified: cars (61% of all flows), buses (29% of all flows), bikes (3% of all flows), motorbikes (6% of all flows), and others (1% of all flows). Nigerians, Nigeriens, Chadians, Malians and Cameroonians nationals were the main nationalities observed this month.


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