Nigeria — Flood Flash Report — Bauchi State (12 September 2022)

DTM Nigeria,
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Sep 01 2022
Sep 12 2022
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A total of 2,185 individuals have been affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfalls accompanied by strong winds in Bauchi State. About 90% of this total have been displaced in the LGAs Damban, Gamawa, Ganjuwa, Jama’are, Ningi, Warji and Zaki of Bauchi State  to neighboring communities.
Between 01 and 12 September 2022, IOM’s DTM programme carried out  assessments to ascertain the level of damage sustained in these locations due to heavy windstorms and rainfall. Overall, 12 communities in Damban, Gamawa, Ganjuwa, Jama’are, Ningi, Warji and Zaki LGAs were assessed. The worst-hit of the assessed sites was Filin Shagari, a community in Kariya ward of Ganjuwa LGA, where a heavy rainstorm with floods damaged 78 houses, affecting an estimated 868 individuals. About 68 individuals in Ariya, Kubdiya LGA were displaced to Kore primary school Kubdiya, 33 individuals were displaced from Kubdiya in Kubdiya ward of Gamawa LGA to Apda Ward in Zaki LGA of Bauchi State. Other were displaced to neighboring houses in same location. 
In total, 222 houses were either damaged or flooded by storms, leaving a total of 256 households in immediate need of shelter. One hundred and twelve (120) casualties were reported as a result of the Flood.