Nigeria — North East Maiduguri M.C, Jere, Monguno Rainfall Flash Report (06 August 2021)

DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Jul 29 2021
Aug 05 2021
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With the onset of the rainy season in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, varying degrees of damages have been reported in camps and camp-like settings. Heavy rainfalls, accompanied by strong winds have caused serious damages to IDP shelters and camp infrastructures.
Between 29 July and 05 August 2021, IOM’s DTM programme carried out assessments to ascertain the level of damage sustained in camps and camp-like settings due to heavy windstorms and rainfall. Overall, 3 collective settlements, 1 camp and 1 host community location in Maiduguri M.C LGA were assessed. The worst-hit of the assessed sites was Tausayi IDP Camp, a collective settlement in Bolori II ward of Maiduguri M.C LGA, where a heavy rainstorm damaged 111 shelters, affecting an estimated 556 individuals.
In total, 360 shelters were either damaged or flooded by storms, leaving a total of 360 households in immediate need of shelter. There were no casualties reported as a result of the storms. There is a major need of shelter repair kits, shelter, food and NFI assistance as most shelters need re-enforcement. As a preventive measure against flooding, most IDP sites need good drainage systems and the use of sand bags to channel the water flow.