Nigeria — North East Hong LGA — Adamawa State Flash Report (24 April 2021)

DTM Nigeria,
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Apr 20 2021
Apr 20 2021
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The lingering conflict in Nigeria's North East Zone has been the major cause of widespread population displacement. Over 2 million persons have been forced to leave their areas of residence in search of safety and security in neighbouring Wards and LGAs.
On 20 April 2021, a Non-State Armed Group (NSAG) carried out an attack in Hong LGA of Adamawa State, leading to a substantial wave of population displacement. Following the attack, a rapid assessment was conducted by DTM field staff with the purpose of informing the humanitarian community and government partners, and enabling targeted response. Flash reports utilise direct observation and a broad network of key informants to gather representative data and collect information on the number, profile and immediate needs of the affected population.
As a result of the attack, a total of 3,321 individuals from 664 households were displaced from Garaha ward of Hong LGA in Adamawa State towards the neighbouring ward Gombi North of Gombi LGA and the wards Thilbang, Daksiri, Hong and Shangui of Hong LGA. All displacements were internal to Adamawa State.