Nigeria — North East Dikwa LGA — Borno State Flash Report (14 June 2021)

DTM Nigeria,
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Jun 05 2021
Jun 11 2021
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The lingering conflict in Nigeria's North East Zone has been the major cause of widespread population displacement. Over 2 million persons have been forced to leave their areas of residence in search of safety and security in neighbouring wards and LGAs.
Since the beginning of March, repeated attacks by Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG) have been reported in Dikwa LGA. On 8 June 2021, Dikwa LGA was attacked once more by a Non-State Armed Group, leading to a new wave of population displacement. Following these attacks, numerous displacements have occurred and continue to occur until today. Flow monitoring assessments have been conducted by IOM DTM field staff with the purpose of informing the humanitarian community and government partners about forced population movements, and enabling targeted response. DTM enumerators were deployed in the transit point Dikwa Motor Park in the ward Dusuman in Jere LGA. IDPs passing through the transit point were asked about their intended destinations and most needed assistance. Since the beginning of May, it was noted that numerous households have started to return to their locations of origin. These return movements were also captured at Dikwa Motor Park in the ward Dusuman and are presented on the map and graphic below.  
As a result of the attack on 8 June 2021, a total of 1,642 individuals were displaced from Dikwa LGA towards the LGAs Jere and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, 1 individual died and 3 individuals were injured. They arrived at Dikwa Motor Park from various camps and communities in Dikwa LGA. As presented on the map below, their intended destinations were locations in the LGAs Jere, Konduga and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council in Borno State. Since the first attack in Dikwa on 1 March 2021, a total of 20,286 IDPs have been recorded by DTM in Dikwa Motor Park. They were displaced from Dikwa LGA and en route to destinations in the LGAs Jere and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council in Borno State. Additionally, since 1 May 2021, a total of 7,238 returnees have been recorded by DTM in the same transit point. They are returning from locations in the LGA Maiduguri Metropolitan Council towards Dikwa LGA.