Nigeria — North Central Bassa LGA — Plateau State Flash Report (10 August 2021)

DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Aug 02 2021
Aug 09 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
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Surging communal violence between ethnic and religious groups, and long-standing conflicts between farming communities and nomadic herders are prevalent across north-central Nigeria. These conflicts are predominantly centered on disputes over land and cause great insecurity and widespread displacement across the region.
On 02 August 2021, herdsman attacked several communities in Tahu ward of Bassa LGA in Plateau State. These attacks resulted in a large-scale displacement towards the neighbouring communities in same LGA. Following this event, rapid assessments were conducted by DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) field staff to inform the humanitarian community and government partners, and enable targeted response. Flash reports utilize direct observation and a broad network of key informants to gather representative data and collect information on the number, profile, and immediate needs of affected populations.
The attacks, which lasted for 7 days and affected 9 villages, has led to the displacement of an estimated 15,000 individuals. A total of 38 casualties were recorded and 1,250 shelters were burnt down. The affected population moved to neighbouring communities of Miango ward in search of safety. According to the rapid assessment, 52 percent of IDPs mentioned food as their primary need. Food was followed by shelter (reported by 25% of IDPs), NFI (reported by 15% of IDPs) and medical services (reported by 8% of IDPs).