Nigeria — Monguno Camps Biometric Registration Update (November 2019)

DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Apr 01 2019 -
Nov 30 2019
  • Biometric Registration
  • Verification for Registration


Biometric registration was recently concluded in camps and camp-like settings in Monguno Local Government Area (LGA) of the conflict-affected state of Borno. The total number of displaced persons registered (from 1 April to 30 November 2019) is 116,537 individuals (33,584 households). The average family size in these sites is 3: 45 per cent of the families are containing 3-4 members, 32 per cent containing 1-2 members, 18 per cent containing 5-6 members, 4 per cent containing 7-8 members, and 1 per cent containing 9 and more members as shown in Figure 2 below. 
Out of those captured, 10,627 displaced persons (3,651 households) were newly registered, with 46% from Kukawa LGA, 20% from other wards in Monguno LGA, 20% from Guzamala, 11% from Marte, 2% from Nganzai and 1% from other LGAs in Borno State. Vulnerability data was also collected to help understand specific needs of the vulnerable population in the camps. In total, 15,742 individuals were identified with various vulnerabilities. Figure 3 below shows some of the major vulnerability concerns captured.

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