Nigeria — Flood in Adamawa State Flash Report (29 October 2019)

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Oct 26 2019 -
Oct 27 2019
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Following heavy rains on 26-27 October 2019, a large number of people have been displaced in Lamurde, Numan, Demsa, Guyuk, Girei, Fufore, Yola North and Yola South Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Nigeria’s northeastern state of Adamawa. An estimated 381 houses have been damaged, 493 houses partially damaged, with over 365 water and sanitation facilities destroyed, affecting 12,092 individuals (2,325 households). In Purakayo ward of Guyuk LGA, 2 people were reportedly killed by the flash floods and an unconfirmed number of people injured in the eight affected LGAs of Adamawa.


Most of the farmland have been submerged in water leading to a heavy loss of farm produce, livestock and other valuable items worth millions of Naira destroyed. Demsa LGA is the most affected with an estimated 5,050 individuals (842 households), followed by Numan LGA with 2,149 individuals (456 households). Yola North, Girei, Yola South, Fufore, Guyuk and Lamurde LGAs account for the remaining 4,893 (1,027 households) displaced individuals.


The most affected population are children, 6,813 individuals (56%) and women, 2,488 individuals (21%). Five per cent (581 individuals) are elderly, with men accounting for the remaining 2,210 individuals (18%).


Majority of the displaced persons are currently living with friends and relatives in various host community locations in Borrong, Jambutu, Modire/Vinikilang and Bare wards within the affected LGAs, while some without shelter are staying in high grounds in their farmland. They are in urgent need of shelter, food items, Non-Food Items (NFIs), WASH and health care services.


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