Nigeria — Fire Outbreak at Waterboard IDP Camp (23 March 2020)

DTM Nigeria,
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Mar 22 2020 -
Mar 23 2020
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Following the recently reported fire incident at Waterboard IDP Camp on 12th March 2020, another fire outbreak was recorded on 22nd March 2020 at about 12:10 PM. The recent incident has left a total number of 248 individuals (48 households) without shelters and properties. In addition, 56 makeshift shelters and food ration cards belonging to 14 households were also destroyed. A child who was close to one of the affected shelters sustained injuries and is currently receiving treatment at ALIMA Health Facility.
The affected victims who are in urgent need of Non-Food Items (NFIs), food items, shelter, and psychosocial support include 122 children, 60 adult males, 42 adult females, and 24 elderly persons.
As at the time of reporting, various humanitarian actors are coordinating to provide assistance. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) planned to distribute hygiene and core relief kits; International Organization for Migration (IOM) planned to support affected victims with shelters; Restoration of Hope Initiative (ROHI) planned to assist the affected children with psychosocial support, and Action Against Hunger (AAH/ACF) will reprint the burnt food ration cards for the beneficiaries to access food assistance.

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