Niger — Flow Monitoring Quarterly Report (February — June 2017)

DTM Niger,
Period Covered
Feb 01 2016
Jun 30 2016
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring


The findings presented here are collected at the flow monitoring points located in Arlit and Séguédine, two migrant transit towns in the Agadez region of Niger. The data in this report is based on daily monitoring carried out at the flow monitoring points and on inter-views carried out with 1 746 migrants. Between February and June 2016, 218 618 migrants recorded as passing through the flow monitoring points, including 168 053 outgoing migrants and 58 0584 incoming migrants. 87% are Men,  while 13% are Women. 9% are under 18 years old. Over 4000 minors were observed passing through the flow moni-toring points, 53% of those are unaccompanied.Over 800 outgoing migrants (leaving Niger) were interviewed. Of those 47% are heading towards Libya, 31% towards Algeria, 6% towards Europe and 4% specifically towards Italy.