Mozambique – Flash Report 17 Evacuations To Accommodation Centres (31 January 2021)

DTM Mozambique,
Period Covered
Jan 31 2021 -
Jan 31 2021
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The landfall of Tropical Cyclone Eloise in the early morning hours of 23 January 2021 and Tropical Storm Chalane on 30 December 2020 has affected Sofala, Manica, the southern part of Zambezia, Inhambane, and Gaza provinces. Buzi was one the most affected districts and the discharge of water from Chicamba dam and the Mavuzi reservoir has affected the residents of Vila Sede, Guara-Guara, Ampara, Grudja, Estaquinha, Inhamuchindo, and Bândua localities in Buzi district. *According to the National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) an estimated 143,292 individuals (27,388 households) and 3,917.3 hectares of farmland have been affected in the aforementioned localities. 
On 31 January 2021,  the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in coordination with INGD conducted a follow-up assessment in the newly activated accommodation centres in Buzi district. A total of five accommodation centres have been activated in Buzi, ES de Guara-Guara (hosting 8,052 individuals or 1,532 households), EPC de Bandua II  (hosting 1,692 individuals or 423 households, Muchenssa (hosting 1,473 individuals or 273 households, EPC de Inharongue (hosting 1,371 individuals or 210 households) and Campo 11 (hosting 769 individuals or 206 households).

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