Malawi Flood Response DTM Round II Report

DTM Malawi,
Period Covered
Mar 15 2015
Apr 15 2015
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment
  • Site Assessment


An estimated 147,500 IDPs—approximately 38,600 households—are associated with 192 open sites. 8 sites (4% of the sites) host more than 1000 households. 95 % of open IDP sites have a Camp Management Committee but only 11 % have official Site Management Agency (SMA) or camp monitoring representation. 143 of 192 sites report having regular access to medicine. 30 sites report that IDPs lack on-site shelter. Of the 192 sites assessed, 68 experience poor quality of the drinking water. Only 139 of the 192 sites report access to a market. 191 (99%) of the 192 displacement sites are at schools. 23 of the 192 open sites do not have separate bathing areas for male and female IDPs.