Lebanon – Bangladeshi Nationals' Presence in Lebanon (Round 1 , Migrant Presence Monitoring)

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Period Covered
Oct 01 2021
Jun 30 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment


This snapshot summarizes available data on Bangladeshi nationals’ presence in Lebanon. The first page visualizes on a map
the number of Bangladeshi nationals quantified by IOM’s Migrant Presence Monitoring (MPM) Round 1 of data collection
that took place between October 2020 and June 2021 across Lebanon.1 The second page presents the data in a table by
governorate and district. The MPM baseline assessment is designed to systematically assess, through a series of MPM
Rounds, cadastres (Admin 3 areas) in Lebanon to quantify the presence of migrants per this administrative area to support
operational assistance, coordination, and planning. Data collection is based on estimations received from Key Informants
(KI) who are mostly composed of Mukhtars, local authorities of these areas, and Municipality officials. The full report can
be accessed here.2 The snapshot is part of the outputs of IOM’s EU-funded Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) project
“Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy” (REMAP) in Bangladesh. The objective of DTM REMAP is to strengthen
the evidence-based formulation and implementation of humanitarian and development policy and programming on
migration and forced displacement in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq and Pakistan.