Iraq – Urban displacement in Iraq: Overview

DTM Iraq,
Period Covered
Dec 01 2019
Sep 30 2020
  • Survey
  • Baseline Assessment


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) undertook this household study of urban displacement with the primary objective of supporting evidence-based planning for the humanitarian community and the Government of Iraq in response to protracted displacement in this post-emergency phase.

This report presents data from that household study, highlighting trends and comparisons between the assessed urban centres. The first section provides a brief explanation of the methodology. Next, the report explores the characteristics of the displaced urban population and how these demographic trends and dynamics differ across cities. In the third section, the drivers of urban displacement are considered, including factors at the area of displacement, barriers to return in the primary areas of origin and other socio-demographic factors that impact upon the selection of a durable solution.