Iraq — West Anbar Crisis Displacement Overview (28 November 2017)

DTM Iraq,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2017
Nov 28 2017
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking


The DTM has been monitoring displacement movements from West Anbar areas, particularly the districts of Ana, Al-Ka’im and Ru’ua, since January 2017. Displacement has been taking place since then as a consequence of hostilities in the area, and mainly in anticipation of the larger military operations announced to be launched several times throughout 2017. The DTM has consequently set up an integrated system composed of a flow monitoring system at Kilo 18 screening site and the regular DTM Emergency Tracking, which tracks IDPs at their location of displacement. 62,862 IDPs transited through Kilo 18 screening site since January 2017; 68,394 IDPs displaced from West Anbar since January 2017 and identified at their location of displacement, of these: 46,308 IDPs currently registered in camps;  22,086 IDPs identified in out-of-camp locations, including: 21,366 IDPs in private settings and 720 IDPs in critical shelter.