DTM Sudan - Rainy Season Summary - May - September 2022 (Update 003)

Period Covered
Jan 01 2022
Sep 08 2022
  • Event Tracking


The Rainy Season in Sudan typically occurs on an annual basis with greatest concentration between the months of June and September. In 2021, all flooding EETs were implemented between the month of July and September. In 2022, DTM Sudan first implemented its EET to monitor flooding taking place in At Tadamon locality, South Kordofan in May. The need for the implementation of a flooding EET this early in the year reflects the fluctuating raining patterns across Sudan, particularly across the water basins of the two Nile rivers.

The information provided reflects published data collected by DTM Sudan’s Emergency Event Tracking tool up to 8 September 2022. Data collection exercises covering the Rainy Season remain ongoing, with displacement data expected to increase dramatically as additional information comes in. Many localities remain inaccessible to the humanitarian community due to the extreme weather patterns. Data is expected to continue coming in from South Darfur and Gedaref states.