Chad — Flow Monitoring Report 30 (September 2019)

DTM Chad,
Period Covered
Sep 01 2019
Sep 30 2019
  • Flow Monitoring


This report presents data collected in September2019 at key transit points in Faya, Rig-Rig, Sarh and Zouarké in Northern, Western and Southern Chad. These Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) were set up to monitor the movements of travellers in transit through the country. In September 2019, 745 individuals were, on average, observed at Chad FMPs each day. This represents a 10 per cent increase from August 2019, during which an average of 674 individuals were observed every day. This increase can be explained by the fact that the harvesting period in the southern part of the country has started and people are moving to purchase agricultural products.The main types of movements of travellers observed at FMPs were short-term local movements, accounting for 46 per cent of flows. In September 2019, 88 per cent of travellers were adults (70% were men and 18% were women), while 12 per cent were children (7% of boys and 5% of girls). Chadian nationals made up the overwhelming majority of travellers (95%)