Burkina Faso — Research Brief — Migration Dynamics to Gold Mining Sites in Burkina Faso:​ Case Studies of Warwéogo and Galgouli Sites (November 2019)

RO Dakar, RODakar-DataResearch@iom.int
Burkina Faso
Period Covered
Mar 20 2019
May 04 2019
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  • Flow Monitoring Survey


This research project is part of the “Safety, Support and Solutions along the Central Mediterranean Route” programme funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) which objectives include improving the understanding of migration trends by governments, humanitarian agencies and national organizations in a bid to formulate appropriate responses for vulnerable communities. This research aims to determine the migration profile of gold miners and better understand the migration dynamics to and from targeted gold mining sites (incentive factors, departure movements, etc.) as well as the systems facilitating this mobility. It also seeks to assess the challenges related to the protection of vulnerable people around the gold mining sites. Data collection took place between March and April 2019 in two regions of Burkina Faso, the Galgouli (South-West) and Warwéogo (Centre-East) gold mining sites.​