The Bahamas — Hurricane Dorian – Site Assessment – Round 3 (November 2019)

COLIJN Yasmine
Period Covered
Oct 30 2019
Nov 05 2019
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Site Assessment


This multi-sectoral location assessment has been designed with input from the various Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) coordinating the Hurricane Dorian response in the Bahamas. It provides an overview of the population distribution, needs, and access to services,  of returnees, remainees, and evacuees across Greater and Little Abaco. This document is part of a series of ongoing efforts conducted by IOM to inform service providers, humanitarian actors and donors on main needs while reducing survey fatigue of key informants by streamlining assessment activities.


This data was collected through 66 key informant interviews across 23 settlements in the affected areas of between the 30th of October and 5th of November. At the time of completion, 5,704 individuals were identified as living in the affected settlements in comparison to the 2010 census of 13, 831.