Afghanistan - Herat Province: Baseline Mobility and Emergency-Community Based Needs Assessment, Round 15 (March-April 2022)

Period Covered
Mar 01 2022
Apr 30 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Site Assessment
  • Baseline Assessment


DTM has been conducting the Baseline Mobility Assessment in Afghanistan since 2016 to track mobility, provide information on population estimates, locations and geographic distribution of displaced and returnee populations, reasons for displacement, places of origin and periods of displacement. Vulnerabilities and multi-sectoral needs are covered in the Emergency Community- Based Needs Assessment (eCBNA) at the end of the report. Data is collected at the settlement level, through focus group discussions with community focal points and direct observations.

This province highlight delves into the key findings in Herat province using the latest results from Round 15 of the BMA and eCBNA (conducted in March and April 2022), focusing on the 2021-to-2022 period. The full report can be found here: Baseline Mobility and Emergency Community-Based Needs Assessment Report (Round 15, March—April 2022)