Lebanon — Foreign Nationals Multi Sector Needs Assessment Analysis — Report 2 (September 2020)

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Aug 06 2020
Sep 13 2020
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Following on from the first Foreign Nationals Multi Sector Needs Assessment Report (available at: https://displacement.iom.int/node/9637/), this second report is an update focusing on data from 6th August to 13th September 2020, from a total of 17,092 household assessments. It provides in-depth analysis of data on 2,953 households with foreign nationals in Beirut disaggregated by nationalities, assessing the high-level needs and vulnerabilities and key numbers that are important for response activities.

The Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA) analysis and reports published by IOM identifes the specific situation and needs of foreign nationals in Beirut to inform immediate- and medium-term responses as a result of the Port of Beirut explosion. The analysis identified 75 per cent (2,206 out of 2,953) of all foreign national households to be of Syrian origin; the analysis does not include this population. The report provides detailed analysis on the next five highest population groups by nationalities identified in the MSNA data: Ethiopian, Bangladeshi, Sudanese, Egyptian and Palestinian nationals and provides a descriptive overview of shelter and WASH damages as well as socio-economic and protection challenges per nationality.