Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool Report 69 (8—16 August 2020)

DTM Chad,
Period Covered
Aug 08 2020 -
Aug 16 2020
  • Event Tracking
  • Mobility Tracking


The objective of the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) is to collect information on large and sudden population movements. Information is collected through key informant interviews or direct observation. This dashboard provides information on movements which took place from 8 to 16 July 2020 in three villages and six sites located in Lac Province.

  • On 8, 10, 12, 13 and 16 August 2020, due to growing insecurity in Lac Province, fear of armed attacks led 1,417 households (6,325 individuals) to flee their villages located in the sous-préfectures of Ngouboua (Kaya département) and Kangalam (Mamdi département). These individuals took refuge in the sous-préfectures of Liwa (Fouli département), Kangalam (Mamdi département), Baga Sola and Ngouboua (Kaya département). 
  •  On 9, 13 and 15 August 2020, following floods which occurred on 3 August 2020 in the sous-préfectures of Ngouboua (Kaya département) and Kaiga-Kindjiria (Fouli département), 840 households (4,200 individuals) took refuge in the sous-préfecture of Liwa (Fouli département). 
  • On 10, 11 and 13 August 2020, following an armed attack which occurred on 10 August 2020 in the village of Fodio (Ngouboua sous-préfecture, Kaya département), 398 households (1,239 individuals) fled their villages located in the same sous-préfecture, to take refuge in the sous-préfectures of Ngouboua, Baga Sola (Kaya département), Liwa (Fouli département) and Kangalam (Mamdi département). 

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