Burundi — Displacement Report (September 2020)

DTM Burundi, DTMBurundi@iom.int
Period Covered
Sep 05 2020 -
Sep 30 2020
  • Baseline Assessment
  • Mobility Tracking


The DTM has identified 127,832 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 27,615 households in the month of September 2020. Of those, 83 per cent were displaced due to natural disaster while 17 per cent were displaced due to other reasons. Between the months of August and September 2020, an overall decrease of 3 per cent (3,504 IDPs) in the number of internal displaced persons was recorded. This decrease were mainly due to the permanent return of IDPs in their communities of origin, as well as local integration.

Humanitarian needs overview during this reporting period includes: 67 per cent of households reported the lack of school materials, 32 per cent of households have non-functional latrines, 41 per cent of households had access to only one meal per day, 37 per cent of households did not have access to a pharmacy, 56 per cent of households did not have access to arable land, and 41 per cent of households reported small hosting capacity as a shelter issue.

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